At Melli, we implement Category, Planning, Trade and Shopper Activation with purpose and precision. We deliver our work with strategic expertise and clear, impactful design, drawing from extensive experience working with the some of the world’s biggest brands.

About Us

Melli is a communication agency that understands the way the trade and shoppers think.


It's not enough to know the data, or how you will execute in-store; retailers want to know your plans help them to achieve their overall objectives, how you made it relevant to their customers and how well you know how to make it happen in their business. They also want to know whether and how your plans will drive the category forward and give them a competitive advantage in the market.


We know that shoppers are bombarded with thousands of different messages and for the most part they are on autopilot. So it's important to know how to fit into their established shopping routines and when and how to successfully disrupt them. We create in-store designs that really make them stop, think and consider.

Our relentless passion is to create integrated and involving marketing experiences that enrich shoppers, consumers and retailers.

What we believe

Category Focused

We have people in our business who have been in challenging trade meetings in Chestnut, Holborn, Leeds and Bradford, and know how tough it can be to be heard. To help our clients’ voices to be heard loud and clear above the rest, we do something extraordinary: we keep things simple.

Not because buyers won’t or can’t understand, but because we know that their lives are spent spinning plates. We see it as our job to deliver key messages in a way that helps those plates stay balanced, making everyone’s lives run that little bit smoother.

We use our understanding of how retailers operate to develop and present ideas that are easier to implement, making it easier for buyers to say yes.

At Melli, we have extensive experience of Category Leadership and Management, and we know that it’s anything but simple. That’s why our clients value our ability to interpret vast amounts of information and distil them into focused and meaningful outcomes.


Our shopper understanding is based on extensive observation in-store, backed with extensive exposure to shopper research and yes, even getting out there and just talking to them.

We know that up to 88% of shoppers' final decisions are made in the aisle, so there is a world of opportunity in-store to engage them in a way that has a real impact on their buying habits.

Humans can only truly interpret 7 pieces of information at any given time, so we aim not to bombard shoppers with extraneous details. We stick to the key messages, with a clear call to action.

But research only goes so far; understanding shopper mentality is about understanding human thought processes. On the most basic level: if we like it there’s a good chance that others will too. In itself, that’s not enough, but it’s a pretty good place to start.

Internal Communications

At Melli we believe that, first and foremost, communication is about clarity.

When an idea or message needs to be understood wall-to-wall throughout a business, there is no point delivering a version of events that makes sense to the Marketing team, but fails to engage anybody in Sales.

So the first thing we do is to ensure that we understand who we are communicating with, and exactly what we are looking to achieve.

Although we can and do produce large events and complex internal communication programmes, we pride ourselves on distilling it down to key messages and visuals that can be communicated in the time it takes to ride a lift or get a coffee.

Meet Melli

Richard Mellon

Strategy Director

With over 20 years’ agency experience working on big brands from concept to delivery, Richard’s hands-on approach is key to his success.

Cool and calm under pressure he has a knack of making the complicated simple, and bring the message to life in a creative and engaging way.

A keen jogger, Richard is part of an office running club, keeping up with (and on occasion out-doing) guys half his age.

Lisa Barton

Operations Director

Lisa’s vast experience spans from management of in-store sampling and POS to dealing with every aspect involved with organising conferences.

Her attention to detail ensures that no stone is left unturned; at Melli, the highest standards are upheld with help from Lisa’s dedication and determination to get everything just right.

When she gets the time, Lisa loves sailing. The freedom to go and visit new places whilst learning new skills makes sailing a challenging (and above all, fun) pastime.

Mike Dickson

Client Services Director

Mike has a wealth of experience across brand and shopper marketing having worked for Mars and Britvic in both senior marketing and customer management roles.

His ability to understand clients needs and retailer requirements ensures we keep focused on delivering for the shopper.

In his spare time he coaches junior rugby and loves growing veg and trying his hand rearing livestock – so far it’s just pigs and chickens, but who knows what the future holds!

Lynne Prescott

Category Director

Lynne is a highly experienced Category director specialising in Category leadership, with an extensive track record in global blue-chip FMCG companies owning iconic brands such as Kellogg’s Special K, Mars Whiskas and Pedigree.

Her expertise when creating strategic vision, setting up new processes/functions, problem solving, and planning and organising for delivery adds another dimension to Melli’s Category expertise.