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In the past Whiskas sampling campaigns were based on giving away free product. This initiative was much more challenging as it involved active selling involving samplers giving away money off coupons if shoppers purchased a multipack of Whiskas pouch in Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s.


As this Activation Shopper Purchase campaign did not involve giving away free product it was important that the sampling team were very clear about the Whiskas product benefits. To help with this we produced a film montage that was sent to all the samplers. To ensure that they watched the film we promoted it with a prize draw to win M&S vouchers. Over 95% of the samplers entered the competition – they could only enter the competition by watching the montage as the code that they had to phone in with was part of the video montage. This was key to the success of the sampling as we knew that the sampling team had excellent product understanding. To enhance sampling team’s product knowledge extensive support materials were also produced. Accurate ROI measurements were put in place to ensure that a strong evaluation of the project could be undertaken.


95% of samplers entered competition

35% halo effect on the Whiskas Brand