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Nicorette wanted to provide a simple clear way of highlighting the seven major challenges smokers face and how their products can help.


Giving up smoking its tough but do we all know the key challenges smokers face? Analysing comprehensive data allowed us to fully understand the challenges faced by smokers. We then turned insight into action and created a logo that could be used across all print and digital formats. The logo clearly highlighted the seven key withdrawal symptoms. Research defined down the key words and obstacles. We also worked with the Nicorette team to film shoppers in Boots and Tesco to understand their challenges both in stopping and in searching out information that can help with their product choice; ensuring we got into the mind of a smoker.


The logo design was used across all POS in store at the key stop smoking time of January and February.

Produced a digital presentation for Nicorette’s internal communication for a global design award entry.